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Dear Annette-
I have been watching real estate values in my neighborhood and it sounds like my home may be worth more. Since Spring is here, is this a good time to put my home on the market?
Rachael and Sean – Royal Oak

The Real Estate Market is Hot and It is Time to Sell!
Scanning over all of the market data I am find that existing home sales are down. But here’s the deal, the freakishly cold winter is the cause for a lot of this. It is hard sometimes to wrap our minds around moving in the snow so when we have an extreme winter that is followed by the first sign of Spring, we get EXCITED! Millions of current renters want to buy this year. So you might say, “yeah but there’s no inventory”. Not so fast to judge, despite the wicked winter, inventory is growing each day. What is more exciting for me is that we’ve seen an increase of $3.4 trillion in home equity nation wide per the Department of Treasury and Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which means if you’re a homeowner you should jump on the phone and call me at (877) ANNETTE to find out how much your home increased in value.

I think there’s a really hot summer in front of us as far as real estate is concerned and I can go over a Neighborhood Report on the True Value of Your Home. (877) ANNETTE or

~Annette Compo, Your Real Estate Broker

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