Are You Struggling to pay Bills? There is an end near if you stay focused!

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Creditors Calling Like they are Your Lost Friend!
Let us get you on the Right Track!
When the collector calls you they may try to intimidate or threatens you to think that they are in control and you are not. STOP! Don’t let them affect your attitude and focus. You may get talked into or harassed into pay them to stop the calls but your plan was to pay the electric bill.
Step ONE – Attitude -You are in a very vulnerable position but you can break these chains of debt and stop these calls. Don’t let a collector set your priorities or change your action plan to fix this insanity. Understanding the intention of the person on the other end of the line, it collect any type of payment current in the future, small or complete amount. They will do whatever it takes to get money from you, that is their job. They will threaten you with lawsuits, bankruptcy and even arrest. No matter what they say, take a step back and not let them create fear in you. You can stay on track and fix this.
Step TWO – Action Plan
You must first focus on your bases. Food, home, utilities, transportation and what you wear. (Conservative) I am not talking about your purse or shoes; I mean your work outfit or uniform.Once these are covered we can begin to chip away at the additional items of debt and then focus on saving. A high credit score isn’t worth going without food, electricity or running water because at the end of the day you can always rebuild your credit.

The 15th of the month, write out a budget for the next month. List your priorities on that budget, the top items are home, food, utilities and transportation. That way you know what gets paid first. This is a good tool to keep by you so when you get a call from Mr. Collector you can pull out your budget and stay focused. Plus you can them exactly where they are on the pooling position to be paid off. If you stay true to your budget, you will be a Financial Superstar in the end! That light can guide you through dark times.
If you start to feel harassed with numerous calls from the same collector, read up on Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977. The act limits the contact a collector can have with you, so don’t put up with 50 phones calls a day or someone yelling or cussing at you. Hang up the phone if a collector gets rude.
Note to Self – You can do this, Stay true to your budget and pay off the debt and save. It may take a while, but things will improve fairly quickly.

I hope this helped ~ I am a fan of you and your success!


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