Paul Compo

Paul CompoPaul has worked in the Commercial and Residential Land Development and Building Trades and Construction Industry for over 27 years. Paul is a 3rd Generation General Contractor who has been Revitalizing Properties throughout the United States for Several Years.

Paul is a Michigan Born, Oakland County raised Entrepreneur. Mr. Compo Learned at an early age the Benefit of Flipping Houses. “One of the most Rewarding aspects about working in these related Fields of Industry, is the Smile that I see on the faces of Happy People who are Appreciative of their Real Estate. Homeowners enjoy the ability to work with Knowledgeable Business People who Study their Surroundings and Find Solutions to make Business Transactions run smoother while Minimizing Headaches”. “Helping people to obtain Ownership in something that they believe in, is very satisfying”.

Real Estate is, and always will be, the Machine that begins the process of a Successful Revitalization of any area, where Real Estate Real Property exists. This is why Paul Created SHORT SALES 411. His Team has Established a Proven System that yields Solid Results during the Processing of the Real Estate Industries Residential and Commercial Short Sales Market.

Paul has Experience in all aspects of the Short Sales Business and continues to Expand his Knowledge with the changing of the Industry and Market. Being married to a Real Estate Broker over the years, Paul began to realize the need to “Step Up” and Support Consumers in their Quest to Gain the Knowledge needed to Persevere in very Tough and Challenging Economic Times, while assisting the Existing Fold of Real Estate Professionals who are looking for a Simpler Solution for Processing Short Sale Transactions.

The SHORT SALES 411 project began as a way to help His Wife and Her Clients to Alleviate the Long Drawn out Process of Short Sales. A support system was Designed and Tailored to Level the Playing Field with the Lenders and Eliminate that Process by Communicating with the Lenders. The Lenders have the Edge and it is “Our Job” as SHORT SALES 411 to be the NEGOTIATORS For You.

For the last 18 months, SHORT SALES 411 has become a Powerful Engine that works with the Machine to not only support Brokers and Agents in their Quest to Help Consumers, but also for Consumers to be able to reach the next phase of their Financial Recovery.

Paul G. Compo’s goal is to utilize his Diverse Knowledge in Business and Real Estate to Assist Families through Education and Stand by them through Difficult and Challenging Times in Their Life. Following the Trends in Real Estate through all the Cycles that have Come and Gone, Paul has learned different ways to adapt to Business and Recreate Himself so that the Quality of his Workmanship Continues throughout the Changing Times.